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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Hannah KreischerFemale/United States Groups :iconlove-final-fantasy: Love-Final-Fantasy
~We Love Final Fantasy Series~
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Hannah Kreischer
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome to my DeviantART page. :meow:

And don't forget:
Honor you Creativity

" Next time you say, "My art sucks!" Don't forget to add, "But I will get better.""
Many Quotes:

"True love is dance."- Brian

"Just take a deep breath and start over."

"Love stories happen everyday..."- Michelle Phan

"I feel like I'm living another life... as if this one was never real and... that I had the strength and freedom to do whatever I please, and go wherever I want to satisfy my curiosity, and then find someone that I would love forever" :heart:

"Everybody is something"- Sarah Dessen~ What Happened to goodbye

"I'm not a tough guy like that," Shields said. "I like to be warm."

"If you don't wash the lettuce, you're going to hell." -My grandma. :heart:

"I don't fully understand what you're feeling, But I do know what it's like to lose someone you love. The best thing that I can think for you to do is hang in there. Hold onto her for your whole life, savour those memories with her, and never let them out of your heart. Save and hold onto everything she ever gave you, the joy, the happiness, but also hang on to the pain. Hold on to the pain to remember just how much you love her. She's in your heart, keep her there until death."

"Long ago, when I was just a boy. So alone, and last of my kind in the world. I believed, futures could be reborn. I would go back in time, change what's to come. Hunting, searching for futures I've dreamed. Ever chasing, believing visions and soon. Hearing, the ___, only inspires me, not to give in. Valhalla, is calling me to the end. I can hear now, the beating hearts of lost friends. Hushing me, to not forget them. As the last hunter, I'll find the key."

"When I feel like poop and my hair is all over the place- god gave me Hannah" My lovely Alyssa :heart:

"I tried to draw this. Now my sharpener and my rubber are broken."

"Until I find the perfect girl, I have Louis." -Harry Styles :heart:

"How do you draw like this?"
"lots of practice and frustration"

"Dream on, b*tches!" - My dad ^u^

"But try not to be too sad, we'll all be together again soon, and with a million new stories to tell! And we'll go on our road trip and see everything and take photographic evidence of it all and it will be the best time of our lives! We'll eat crappy pancakes at cheap breakfast places and never have a proper shower and be happy about it!" ~ My Lightning

Only one other person has been able to actually love me completely, to come to peace with all of my abrasive, angry, stupid sides and personalities. And they're gone. Plus, it was never a romantic relationship, nor would it ever be. But they did mean the world to me, and still do. They were that one person who knew me better than I knew myself. They knew what I was feeling when I didn't, or when I denied my emotions. They never judged me when I shed a few tears, still thinking I was strong, even when I know I'm not. Thought I was selfless, even when I was being quite the opposite. Who knew that beneath the bitchiness and cold exterior, that I was a goofy kid, capable of emotion.

:iconclassybroad1201: :iconmcrzombie::iconkotuh::iconclasstiel:
"honestly, the cold weather reminds me too much of you and how we would curl up in front of the heater or stay out late it in. being excited for christmas togehter, how happy we always were when the waether finally got like this... that big tree we used to climb and star gazing.. i lost too much when you left and the cold just reminds me of it all. it's so painful... i dont even know if i can enjoy the cold weather with out you."

Well, it was barley a talk, now I'm even more confused for my future. I'm graduating in a few months and still no plan. Just a bunch of ideas and theories. Just more things to confuse myself with. And only left with the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. I'm so stressed out right now and I can't talk to my parents because it'll turn into a talk about the military. That's why I've considered the Navy because my parents think its the best for me. Like always. I don't know if it's for me, the military life.

I going to follow my dreams and become a Vet. Technician. I know what I want, I just don't know how to get there. I just want a nudge in the direction that best for me.

  • Reading: Twilight
  • Playing: Lightning Returns Demo!
  • Drinking: Water




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